Reliving Memories With Cinnabon


Hello, beauties! Today, I want to share how Cinnabon reminds me so much of my childhood. I used to go with my parents and sister every Sunday to Cinnabon. It was our family tradition. The classic cinnamon roll was my number one favorite. We spent at least an hour in the Cinnabon bakery talking and having fun.

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6 Tips for Healthy Houseplants


Hello, beauties! I’m currently obsessed with plants and I love decorating my house with plants. They help purify the air and increase oxygen levels at home. My husband and I have learned to take care of them and that is why I wanted to share 6 tips for healthy houseplants. Let’s start having fun!

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I recently moved to a new house and I’ve been so busy getting ideas from Pinterest (of course! it’s essential) and decorating. For today’s post, I wanted to share living room decor ideas and show you how it’s coming together. My husband and I decided to dedicate more time and not buy things just because we

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