Everyday Hairstyles with accessories


Hello, beauties!

I love effortless hair looks; therefore, I decided to share everyday hairstyles with accessories. Hair accessories are so stylish and add a chic element to any look. I have to admit I’m obsessed! As always, I like to keep it light and fun so the hairstyles are easy to recreate. Let’s start having fun!





This hairstyle is the easiest one. You only need to put your hair in a low ponytail and then tie a bandana or ribbon (to make a bow) around the ponytail rubberband, and letting the bandana/ribbon hang down on both sides.

Two French Braids


Tie one ribbon to each braid to make a bow. This hairstyle is adorable and super feminine.

Half Bun

This is the coolest hairstyles and I love it! You only need to add hair clips.

Shop hair accessories/Compra accesorios para el pelito:

What’s your favorite hairstyle and hair accessory? I would love to know 🙂 Don’t forget to#BeRebelde!
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