How I style mom jeans


Hello, beauties! Today’s post is dedicated to mom jeans, they have become one of my favorite pieces to wear every day. The style of mom jeans is usually high waist, which I absolutely love. When it comes to choosing the right fit I prefer slim-cut jeans; however, I also love a relaxed fit. It all depends on your preference, the trick to rock this denim style is to know what looks good on your body shape. Mom jeans are so versatile and easy to style so I decided to share how I style mom jeans and some tips. Let’s start having fun!

1. Show off your waist

Mom jeans have a relaxed fit, therefore, It’s very important to tuck your shirt, blouse or sweater into the high waist jeans. Bonus tip: wear crop tops!

2. Bodysuits

I’m a big fan of bodysuits, not having to worry about tucking the top makes everything more fun. This style is so effortless and looks beautiful.

3. Wear the right shoes

Choose shoes that contrast nicely with your mom jeans. I prefer sneakers, ankle booties, flats, heels, etc. I try to avoid combat boots or any other chunky shoes.

4. Roll up the bottoms

I like to fold the bottom part of my jeans just because I’m obsessed with skinny jeans (haha!) I feel it makes my legs longer.

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