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Summertime in Miami is always hot and fun. Last Sunday, my husband and I went to Wynwood, which is the coolest place in Miami to appreciate the most creative street-style art. Wynwood has grown tremendously the last three years and it makes Miami so out of the ordinary. This place is the perfect combination between art, music, food, and culture. As you may know, Miami has a diverse population from many ethnic backgrounds. This city is so multicultural; I love that everyone who visits Miami can experience its rich heritage.  I feel so happy when my husband and I spend a day in Wynwood and explore the art; murals are continuously changing. Additionally, we also enjoy exploring the wide variety of restaurants around Wynwood which usually play live music.

Summer days in Miami are typically very hot.

Therefore, I love incorporating Perrier into my everyday routine. It’s so refreshing and tasty. It has zero calories and zero sweeteners (yay!).

I’m so happy Perrier launched two new flavors this year: Strawberry (my favorite) and Watermelon, check Perrier Website to learn more about the different flavors they offer and how each flavor has been inspired by artistic minds.

Are you a Perrier Flavors lover? Let me know what’s your favorite one 🙂

perrier-colorful-wall-wynwoodperrier-colorful-wall-wynwood-art-miamiperrier-pink-wall-wynwood-vibrantperrier-colorful-wynwood-art perrier-vibrant-wall-wynwood-miamiperrier-colorful-wall-wynwood-summer perrier-vibrant-wall-wynwood-artperrier-colorful-wall-wynwood-happy perrier-colorful-wall-wynwood-eyes perrier-colorful-wall-wynwood-black-white

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