Clean makeup

When it comes to makeup I prefer to be a minimalist. I really don’t need a ton of products. I just need basic clean makeup products.

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Kaolin Clay Mask


Hello, beauties! I’m obsessed with kaolin clay and want to share its benefits ?

+ Kaolin clay is ideal when your skin is breaking out more than usual and going through a bad time because it has gentle absorptive properties, removes impurities and exfoliates. It’s perfect for sensitive and acne- prone skin.

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Honey Face Mask


Hello, beauties!

Today, I will share how amazing raw honey is and I will show how I make a magical honey face mask. Raw honey ? is a honey that has not been filtered or processed. It’s in a pure state. Make sure you buy authentic raw honey that contains pollen and propolis ?Let’s start discussing the benefits of raw honey for our skin:

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