Turn 1 Look into 7 Outfits

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Hello, beauties!

Today’s post is so fun and different. I decided to share how I turn 1 Look into 7 Outfits. For me, it’s very important to let you know girls (and guys!) that there’s no need to have a huge closet to create stylish looks. Everything is about how to style what you already have and with only having wardrobe basics, I guarantee you are going to look amaaaaazing! I posted a couple of weeks ago my wardrobe basics (here!), make sure you take a look at it 🙂 and there’s another post I really love! It’s about how to create the perfect outfit (here!). Don’t forget to check it out, it’s very helpful. The only pieces I needed to turn 1 Look into 7 Outfits are the ones (some are similar not the exact pieces) below so let’s start having fun!

Outfit-ideas-1 look-7 outfits-tips


1 Look / Casual & Comfy

Outfit-ideas-1 look-7 outfits-tips

Look 2 / Classic

Look 3 / Stylish

Outfit-ideas-1 look-7 outfits-tips-5

Look 4 / Why not?

Outfit-ideas-1 look-7 outfits-tips-4

Look 5 / Dress

You can obviously wear just the dress. I don’t have photos :(, but keep in mind that you can create another look with the dress!

Look 6 / Girly

Outfit-ideas-1 look-7 outfits-tips-2

Look 7 / Girlboss

Outfit-ideas-1 look-7 outfits-tips-1


Please let me know if you want to see more posts like this one. I would love to know :). Don’t forget to #Berebelde!


A todas mis chicas que hablan español les dejo aca abajito el video que hice en mi canal de Youtube. Aca les explico todo mucho mejor asi que pasenlo a ver 🙂



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